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The week end, started on the Thursday night when 16 out of the 19 participants met at the Sailing Club to discuss the week end ahead. A very enjoyable chat and social time. Two 'single handlers' decided to go on one boat, more company on a passage.......( as long as you enjoyed listening to the 'cricket' .......skipper instructions!!!!!)
Ten boats left the marina on Friday, 7 sailing boats and 3 power boats, all at different times, but keeping in contact. Night Music led the fleet, first time voyage, enjoying their sail using the East Passage for the very first time.
The seas were calm to start off with, but built up and built up. By the time the 'Power Boats' were on their way, it it was 'bouncy.......bouncy'.  Sailing boats were having a jolly sail and all the fleet waiting for the right time to access Aberystwyth Marina. Good team work assisting everyone to come in safely. The marina staff were BRILL!
It was tea time by the time everyone got in, and as agreed, Thursday night, people did their own thing 'so to speak.' Crash out, go out for a meal or just mingle.
Saturday was a 'sun behind the clouds' sorta day. After the 12:00 meet it was decided to go ahead with the BBQ at 1p.m and exceptionally well attended. It worked out well, great company and a splendid BBQ. The marina picnic tables served us well and the portable BBQ's ablaze providing 'food glorious food'.The time just fled by.  Did you know we have expert Chefs amongst us!!' We saluted Jon Booth, the new marina manager, for the staff making us so welcome.
We all agreed to meet up 7p.m at The Pier for a social get together. The criteria was:-enough room for 19 of us on a Saturday night in Aberystwyth, within walking distance, where people could eat, drink/ or follow their own agenda. It was great that everyone were there chatting away. After a couple of hours it was a mixture of 'stay put', KFC
(after wandering to find a chip shop ) or an Indian. Something for everybody, 'as they say.' The beauty of being in Aberystwyth, an University town,  plenty of   'choice' . 

The Power boats, and a couple of yachts, left early Sunday morning and had a more pleasurable trip back. Unfortunately, not enough wind for the sailors, but a flat mirror like sea, dolphins playing, seals fishing and a tranquil journey back in wall to wall sunshine with panoramic views and yes.......some wind to welcome us home.
One could say, a GREAT weekend.
Super Duper!   To see TEN boats gathering at Aberystwyth with its new layout being tested. GREAT welcome as always. The marina could not have been more helpful.
Congratulations to Lyn & Frank on their maiden voyage on Night Music.





Jake - Insomnia

Insomnia set off for Greystones. Although there was a question mark over the cruise due to the kids having a bug, they still set out on Wednesday. They arrived safely at Greystones. It took them 4 hours due to very disappointing visability of 5 miles or less with blankets of mist coming down frequently which meant that they had to cut the speed. Now relaxing at Greystones and the compulsory visit for the kids to Bray. Hey! Was it worth it?.........YES.  As Jake said "we had a fabulous time, but not long enough." The return journey was less arduous as the visibility was much better. 






Several trips to SCYC, when the tides are right its just a short cruise down the coast, and ideal.
Some Power boaters have joined the sailors when the weather is not conducive for Power Boating and makes the trip worth whille for everyone.
On the last trip there was a very special celebration, a RUBY WEDDING (we had no idea until we arrived. The chef made a cake, to everyones amazement. Very grateful for his 'surprise'. 
Two new sailors amidst us, first time on a sailing boat. Although been members of the Sailing Club for several years this was their first experience on a boat and smiles all around. We shall build up to rougher weather!!!!!!


Summer Cruise Saturday July the 17th.

Early 4 a.m on Saturday morning six boats headed off for Fishguard. The sea state was uneasy and bouncy from the high winds from the previous day and after hours of being pounded, wind on the nose against tide, four boats returned to Pwllheli whilst the other two made their plan 'B' come into action to Arklow, not a smooth crossing, however they got there safely.
After re-grouping basking in the sun at Pwllheli it was decided than plan 'C' came into action for two of the boats. Anchoring that evening at Aberdaron ready for a 4a.m. start through Bardsey Sound to Greystones, home from home. Joined then by 'Blue Moves' (from Arklow) and 'Tamur' from Pwllheli.
Next destination was Dun Leoghaire whilst 'Hal' worked south. Soon to be joined by 'Last Orders' at Dun Leoghaire just in time to join in the celebration of Andrew's birthday ('Blue Moves'). Chris & Charles needed to chill after picking up a lobster pot off Codling bank and although tried very hard to dislodge it with a boat hook which broke in half, there was no choice but to dive in and manually remove. Oops....ah.....cold! Aaaachooo!
Several eateries were attended during the visit and the three Yacht Clubs welcomed us. 'Perti Kitchen' was recommended my our Rear Commodore and we had a very pleasant meal there........good recommendation.
Four boats then moved on to Malahide, a good sail avoiding the ferries, the usual thrilling moments in Dublin Bay. Dublin is always a magnet as proved again on this occasion. The Temple Bar area with live music surrounding the area, the city itself, the Science Museum with it's amazing sound display and last but not least The 'Guinness Factory.'
 A 'boat to boat' evening meal was enjoyed and brought the group together to chat sharing experiences. A visit was also made to a new restaurant that had only newly opened at Malahide, 'The Greenary' a real treat, a place to re-visit. We do not need much excuse to return to Malahide.
Knowing that a weather front was coming in Thursday/ Friday and participants had other commitments beginning of the following week we decided to go back south to Greystones ready to take advantage of a weather window for our return. 
A fabulous sail where everyone was overjoyed as the wind, for once, wasn't on the nose. The engines were silent. Yeh! A sail to remember and log. We thought maybe we will have to pay for this later,.....mmmmm!!!
'The Beach' was a great place to finish our cruising gathering .......yes.....eating again.
Tuesday seemed to be the favourite window to return to Pwllheli and so we all bounced, yes bounced, across the Irish sea  with quite poor visibility and rain most of the way to Bardsey. Guess where the wind was......guessed right.....on the nose.  'Last Orders' attracted to yet another lobster pot with its rope round both of its rudders this time, thankfully did not have to dive in the water! They tacked and got the rudder out of the water to cut off the rope and then repeated the process. An invite for a lobster dinner??? How unlucky can one be.
Bardsey was a welcoming sight and Porth Curiad was the anchorage for tea,  rockin' & rollin' mind, before catching the tide back home to the marina. As we anchored off the rain returned, why not finish the journey as you set out eh! In rain and diminishing visibility.  However, It was a joy to get back into the marina to chill after a long taxing day.
Although our Cruising hols was curtailed short due to weather a good time was had by all.
IMG 4093
IMG 4092 1C


T.T at the Isle of Man.

A group of power boats from Pwllheli have made it a tradition to power to I.O.M to watch the TT.  A well calculated start from Pwllheli on the Friday to ensure access at Peel Harbour when you can gain entry. They made it in style and then 'chilling out' being well entertained by the racing. Great to see the tradition amongst them going from strength to strength.

iom 1


BJ Marine 'Power Boat Event.'

BJ Marine organised a 'POWER BOAT EVENT' last weekend (Saturday the 27th of May).
When the weather was looking favourable 8 boats from Ireland intended on arriving at Pwllheli on the Friday night and 15 boats from Pwllheli intended to join them on their return journey to Greystones on the Saturday.
However, the weather window was not a favourable one and three boats from Pwllheli took advantage of the weather window Wednesday/Thursday before the event, crossing to Greystones.
The four Irish boats came over to Pwllheli on the Friday with a Saturday return taking Merl (Pwllheli Boat ) with them. The reception at Greystones was generous and the  8 boats that managed to go over were well looked after. 
It was unfortunate that the weather had hinderd the event as 15 boats from Pwllheli had intended on going across. 
Two further boats did come across after the weekend as the weather improved. Fingers crossed for better weather next year. 


ireland 1ireland 2

ireland 3


Aberystwyth trip turned into a one day 'Raft U'. May the 20th. 2017.

The Aberystwyth trip did not materialise as the window to come home was not good. However, we made the most of it on the one and only good day, the intended participants enjoyed themselves rafting at Chapel Bay and had a brill BBQ. 

chapel bay

Sunday May the 7th. 10 boats enjoyed the sunshine, fabulous sailing and 'food....glorious food' at SCYC. A great time had by all. Another short cruise to remember.  Whilst Imladris on her way to Aberystwyth for a few days.  Liked the new layout.


pic2 small 2

Kirk is on his way to Bermuda

 Many people gathered at the marina to wish him well and wave 'Goodbye' on the 4th of May. Kirk and crew of two are hoping that this journey will take two weeks, without stopping. Arriving there to witness the America's Cup which starts on May the 22nd .

Then return home to Pwllheli.



The power boats ,Chloe K and Namsag had a thrilling time starting the season week end April 22nd. Greystones was the destination where they enjoyed themselves as always.

A flying cruise back to Pwllheli being welcomed by wall to wall sunshine.

IMG 3907

At last Friday Early Doors (which we enjoy meeting for a chat, whoever is down, at Sailing Club 5:30 onwards) it was decided that we would sail to SCYC for Saturday lunch, great sail, great food and great company. 

april warrenJPG


The Intrepid Explorers' starting the season with a BBQ at Warren Beach

warren collage


Cruising Meeting.  Thanks to all that attended the Cruising Meeting on Good Friday, 79 in all. Also for Jane Butterworth, Vice Commodore of the Sailing Club for welcoming everyone,Gerallt Williams, Rear Commodore for taking pics, Sailing Club for providing the food and drink without forgetting the Staff of Plas Heli for their preparation and accommodating us. Very informative talks from Mike Caplin regarding a Bank Holiday Power Boat event, Mark and Vicky encouraging the Cruising section to join in white sails racing.







 'Boat to Boat' - thanks to the nine boats that hosted and the 46 that attended to create a fab atmosphere.
Great start to the season.





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