The Membership subscription Rates and Membership Classifications for 2017 are as shown below:-

There is only one category of membership – ‘Member’. The fee set for 2017 is unaltered and remains at £50 per member. Membership term is from 1st January to 31st December. Again, for 2017 there is no entry fee.

Suggested  (Easy) Process -

1. Read and decide on the Category / Categories and calculate the amount to be paid

2. Understand the Payment Options - and protocol to be used

3. Proceed with the On-line Application Form (This is recommended - there are other paper options available for downloading)

3. Make payment using our GoCardLess process (This is recommended)

Stage 1

Membership Categories - remember the amout is per person! 

MEMBER - £50.00

This is the only category of membership available to new and former ‘Full’ and ‘Family’ members (unless Youth or Student – see below). Please remember the rate quoted is per person.    Their children (under 18) are included in the membership fee.


This membership category is only available to member/s who were Associate members in 2014 2015 and 2016. This category of membership is now closed and no other applications will be considered in this category. Children (under 18) of qualified Associate members are included as members.


A Youth Member is defined as a member under the age of 18 on 31st December in any subscription year whose parent is not a Member or Associate Member.    


A Student Member is defined as an adult member under the age of 26 on 31st December in any subscription year in full-time (further or higher) education or an unemployed person under the age of 26 and participating in the sport of sailing. 


Stage 2

How can I pay? 

Payment Details Below

By Direct Debit

By Direct Debit: (CHPSC Prefered Option)

Please follow the link below to the 'gogardless' payment page (fill in the form first)

Please remember to enter a reference with the payment so that we can attribute the payment to the correct account.
The following format is recommended:
‘SUB Surname and Membership Number’ eg ‘SUB Jones 12345’  (if you are a new member please substitute the Membership Number with your Post Code)
and finally please send the 'Membership Application/Renewal Form' by post orThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Pay before 31st January to ensure that you receive the bar and other discounts

Stage 3

Proceed to the online form here - when you complete the form you will return here to proceed with stage 4

On Line Form here

Stage 4

Proceed to the GoCardless Page to make the payment here


A paper version of the form is available - (the application/renewal form can be downloaded here in pdf format)



  • The ‘Renewal & Membership form’ is available in pdf format above - your applicatuion can't be considered without the form - even if you are an existing member.
  • See the payment methods above.
  • By a Special Resolution dated 30th January 2010 the members of Pwllheli Sailing Club have agreed to adopt electronic communication as the default mechanism for communication between the Club and its members. Please let us know if you would prefer to receive information by post. More information regarding this matter is available here.
  • We are updating our membership data base and we would be grateful if you would provide all the information on the form (including a current e-mail address), even if you think we already have your details.
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