Membership Application/Renewal Form 2017

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Subscription - There is only one category of membership – ‘Member’. The fee set for 2017 is unaltered and remains at £50 per member. The former ‘Associate’ membership category was closed on 1st January 2015 but remains available to paid-up members who were associate members in 2014, 2015 and 2016 at £68 (for the family). This is not available for new or former 'Members'
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Note 1: Annual subscriptions are for the period 1st January to 31st December
Note 2: Only members and associated members have voting rights and may sign in guests
Note 3: All members must abide by the provisions of the Club’s Articles and Regulations. Available on the CHPSC Website.
By Proceeding you are making the following declaration
I/we hereby apply for membership of Pwllheli Sailing Club. I/we undertake and guarantee to be responsible for the sum of ONE POUND (£1) to the said company in the event of it being wound up. I/we consent to the above details being kept on computer for the purpose of the Club only. I agree to accept information about the club activities by e-mail.
When you have completed the form - proceed by pressing submit and then proceed with one of the payment methods - CHPSC would prefer if you would make payment by using the 'gocardless' method.
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