Ella Trout III is now leading the Tremadog Bay Challenge with a corrected time of 58mins and 33 seconds

There is pleanty of time to record your time around the course: start 2, 8, 10 Finish - or the other way around if you want.

Roger said "It’s amazing what a weeks racing and clean bottom can do for boat speed! My grandsons and I were bringing Ella Trout back from the Abersoch Keel boat week this afternoon in a strong NNW and decided to have a go at the Tremadoc Triangle before going into Pwllheli. We had a lively ride and recorded a time of 1 hour 1 minute and 57 seconds. (I.e. 61mins. 57 secs) Please accept this time as our best performance so far. We are now sure, with the right conditions, we could beat the hour, especially as we had to manoeuvre to keep out of the way of the Darts and Windsurfers racing in the bay today.

My grandsons are going home this week but I shall have another go single-handed when the opportunity presents before the close of play."

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