pwllhelilogoloresflagThe Dinghy Storage Charge is for the year from 1st January to 31st December and is payable as part of the Membership process of CHPSC - here .

The spaces in the secure inner compound are limited and will be offered on a first come basis.

The early payment is available up to 12th March (extended to 12rth April)

Small (Optimist/Topper) £55 (£48 early payment)

Medium (Laser) £65 £55 early payment)

Large (Merlin Rocket) £85 (£75 early payment)

Multi Hulls (Dart etc) £95 (£83 early payment)

Road Trailer £50 or £75 for 2 stacked

Box storage trailers under 10 feet £60 (£75 for larger box trailers)

Storage and use of the compound is subject to our Dinghy Storage Terms & Conditions


Please note there is no discount for shorter periods of stay/use. (see our T&C) Help us maintain these low rates by paying early.

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