Find the Tremadog Triangle Results for 2020 here

PSClogoVlowresflagThe CHPSC Tremadog Triangle is a 'Top Gear' style challenge - which you can attempt at any time in the CHPSC racing season - from  April to 1st  December 2020.

You can enter the IRC Class (for Racing Boats) or NHC Class (for Cruisers) see definition below. There will be prizes for both Classes.

There is no limit to the number of attempts on the Challenge - why not see if you can beat your own time!

The course can be sailed clockwise or anti-clockwise (the choice is yours) using the club marks as follows:

  • Anti-Clockwise - Start, 2p, 8p, 10p Finish
  • Clockwise - Start, 10s, 8s, 2s, Finish
The marks can be seen on the CHPSC chart of marks here and are defined on the list of marks here

The start and finish lines are not as defined in the CHPSC Sailing Instructions which are amended below for convenience.

Marks to be "rounded" as per normal racing rules! (No short cuts!). Email elapsed time and boat name/model when completed to:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will publish the results on the CHPSC Results page here

Take a note of time past each Mark in case of disputes!

The competitor with the best corrected elapsed time at the end of the season will be the winner.

We look forward to seeing lots of boats attempting the challenge!

Note the CHPSC Tremadog Challenge is governed by the rules as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing . (RRS) and the CHPSC Sailing Instructions which is available here. By attempting the Challenge all competitors have read and understood the Risk Statement in the SI's (17)

This page was updated on 19.07.2020

The latest results of the Tremadog Bay Triangle Challenge is now on the results page here. Full report to follow.


Ella Trout III is now leading the Tremadog Bay Challenge with a corrected time of 58mins and 33 seconds

There is pleanty of time to record your time around the course: start 2, 8, 10 Finish - or the other way around if you want.

Racing Dashboard - Information

DASHBOARD with all the information you need to race in Pwllheli. From the 'Race Information Dashboard' you can access the full library of useful information with charts, list of marks, the list of fixed courses, and the Rules.
This information is available on all Racing pages of the CHPSC website!

Racing Information

Race Programme

The 2021 Race Programme is available in pdf format

Race Prorgramme - Here

Entry Form

If you have not joined as a 'Skipper Member' you can enter the race or series on-line - just follow the link

Enter the Race - Here


The 2021 racing chart is available in pdf format

Windward/Leeward Chartlet -Here

Fixed Courses

All fixed courses for 2021 available in pdf format here - only use the 2021 version!

Fixed Courses - Here

Matrix of Marks

Matrix of Marks

A Matrix giving distance and course from one CPPSC mark to another

Matrix of Marks

A Matrix giving distance and course from one CPPSC mark to another. This is provided to assist competitors

Race Chartlet

Race Chartlet

A Chartlet of the bay showing the position of the Racing marks

Race Chartlet

A Chartlet of the bay showing the position of the Racing marks. A must have item in the cockpit whilst racing!

Course Cards

Course Cards

A library of all CHPSC courses

Course Cards

A library of all CHPSC courses

List Of Marks

List Of Marks

A list of all the CHPSC Racing Marks with co-ordinates and description

List Of Marks

The full list of racing marks and buoys with coordinates - is available in pdf format. Available by following the link

The Rules

Sailing Instructions

The CHPSC Club Racing Sailing Instructions 2021 - available in pdf format


List of 2021 SSIs

List of Supplemental Sailing Instructions 2021


RRS 2021- 2024

PDF copy of the RRS 2021-2024


Racing Rules Of Sailing

The new RRS are published by World Sailing (follow this link for the 2017 to 2020 and also now to 2021-2024 versions


Clwb Hwylio Pwllheli Sailing Club has been organising club racing of the highest quality for many years in the World acclaimed sailing waters of Cardigan Bay.
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The Bay provides near perfect sailing conditions with lack of commercial shipping, no strong tidal flows and ‘clean’ prevailing wind from the south west.
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The racing arena is all only minutes from the safe harbour, the marina or from the Plas Heli pontoon berths

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