RacePackFileYouth Sailing Terms and Conditions


CHIPAC Sailing Committee is committed to providing the highest standards for training and coaching. To this end feedback from parents and youth sailors is always appreciated. We request that all feedback be directed to members of CHIPAC or the Flag Officers of Pwllheli Sailing Club.


The conducting of the youth sailing training on the water carries with it a number of inherent risks. The coaches and Instructors have been delegated authority by the Flag Officers of Pwllheli Sailing Club to conduct the various activities involved in the youth sailing program in a manner that insures these risks are mitigated as much as possible.

To help achieve this parents and youth sailors are requested to take the direction of the CHIPAC youth coaches and Instructors. Parents or youth sailors who have any issues with the exercising of this delegated authority should raise them with a CHPSC Flag Officer.

Pwllheli Sailing Club (CHPSC) and CHIPAC - RISK WARNING

RiskWarningCHPSC warns youth sailors, their parents or guardians and owners, skippers and anyone who participates in yachting events conducted by CHIPAC that participation in the sport of sailing, whether racing or otherwise, can be dangerous and can result in harm, personal injury and personal damage. All participants, and parents/guardians of participants acknowledge that competing in sailing events may be dangerous and may result in harm and/or personal injury and participate in such events in that knowledge voluntarily accepting any risk. Having given this warning CHIPAC is not responsible for any harm or injury suffered by any person in any sailing event conducted by it regardless of the nature of the event.


During the season photographs are taken by youth sailors, sailing parents and volunteers. These photos are often posted on the CHPSC and Plas Heli website or are shared with other members of the youth sailing community.


I acknowledge receiving the CHPSC Risk Warning and confirm I am aware of its contents. I hereby give permission for my son/daughter/ward named above to participate in CHIPAC Youth Sailing programme. I release CHPSC and CHIPAC its servants and agents from any claim my son/daughter/ward may have in respect of any harm or personal injury suffered during his or her involvement in any event conducted by CHIPAC and indemnify the CHIPAC and CHPSC its servants and agents against any such claim. I also give permission for CHIPAC to arrange medical treatment for my child should anybody involved in the conduct of a CHIPAC event consider it appropriate to do so. I agree, on behalf of my child that they will be bound by the current ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), by the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions for the races concerned.


If an individual cancels their participation in a training course or programme, then the refund policy is set out below:

  • Withdrawal one (1) month prior to the first scheduled session: 80% refund.
  • Withdrawal fourteen (14) days prior to the first scheduled session: 30% refund.
  • Withdrawal within fourteen (14) days prior to the first scheduled session or after the course has started: No refund.

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