HummingbirdThere are now two boats going on this cruise: Hummingbird 2 and Brival, a Moody 346 and the following is Tony's latest plans.

“June is traditionally the best month to visit Scotland for weather - and the month when the days are longest - in some parts of Scotland you can still read a newspaper outside at midnight.”

OK. I’m trying to sell the trip to you. Why? Because I care about sharing the good fortune of owning a boat and the enjoyment it brings.

This year’s SOY sail can be broken down into four stages really.

First stage (10 days) is starting from Pwllheli on Saturday 2nd June heading for Ardglass, making use of the great wodge of slack water on the west side of the Irish Sea. This is a ninety mile sail, well in excess of a qualifying passage for the RYA and if you choose to act as skipper (speak up early so you can influence the planning) a really good day/night sail where COLREGS mean something with the north south large ship traffic.

After Ardglass we make use of the tide to sail up to Bangor. We could anchor in the lee of Copeland Island at the mouth of Belfast Lough but if the wind is from the SW it is better to anchor in the sheltered bay next to Bangor marina.

From there we head north across to Lough and up past Larne, the Maiden light house, the impressive cliffs of NE Ireland and enter the North Passage to Rathlin Island where timing is crucial so as not to be swept backwards or round to Ballycastle.

HummingbirdThis June, Hummingbird 2 accompanied by two other boats will be sailing to the Hebrides.

We will depart Pwllheli and head for Ardglass, then sail round and anchor in Bangor Bay to wait for the tide to turn and help us up to Rathlin. From Rathlin we can anchor in the bay next to the Bunnahabhain distillery in the Sound of Islay.

From Bunnahabhain it is only a short hop to Loch Tarbert ‘the wildest and remote Loch south of Ardnamurchan’, anchor in the Inner loch and explore with the dinghies the Top Pool.