AD HOC IRELAND CRUISE 2. -  JULY 25th. 2014.


We took advantage of the high pressure and on Friday the 25th of July and a second cruise was in the making. Crossing the Irish Sea in glorious sunshine with not enough breeze to sail. The Motor Yachts, 'De Ja Vu', 'Namsag' and 'Mako', made it in just 3 hours and were basking in the sun and celebrating by the time 'Sea Otter'got in, although she also crossed in record time. A warm welcome was had by the already 'chilling' motor cruisers.
'Morlander' with Delyth and Martin joined the Pwllheli Cruisers on Saturday from Wicklow and were relaxing after their trip.
'De Ja Vu' were hosting on the  and we learnt the Rebecca (Namsag) was distraught as she hadn't brought Strawberry Jam for her toast!  Now known as 'The Strawberry Queen.' Pat, however, is now known as ' The Lady of the Night' as she won't allow her guests to leave until the morning after her enlarged 'G and T's' and Bicardi, thank goodness we were all berthed together and only had a short walk back to our own boats. A very entertaining evening was had by all.
Jake over the weekend had been giving Olivia, who is 18 months, tuition in their Jet engined rib and oh! how she loves it, but Jake is now worried that Olivia is quick on the uptake and has found the purpose of 'the throttle' and what it can do. 
The  yachts that planned to join us from Pwllheli did not manage to make it on the Sunday. Next time maybe!
irish bonnet
                                                       SUNDAY LUNCH
                  Martin, Rebecca, Delyth and Peter. "Guess where we are? Could it be Ireland?



All of us went to the 'Beach' Pub for a mouth watering  and we were joined by Margaret and Paul from Malahide Yacht Club, who organised the party for us all at Malahide on our last visit. Great social event. Rebecca was presented with a memento of the trip? Which  consisted of small packets of Strawberry Jam and a token gesture to ensure that she does not start her next Cruise WITHOUT her "Strawberry Jam" !
Olivia loved the flowers that Margaret brought from her garden and would not let go until the food arrived.
The Chippy and Cafe, where breakfast is served, know all of us on first name terms and Cookie and Coco, from De Ja Vu, have come to expect a sausage each on Pat and Peter's return.
As Sea Otter was leaving on Wednesday to get back for the IRC Cruising Treasure Hunt, all our friends joined for another 'meal out' at The Burnaby which again proved to be a GREAT SOCIAL LUNCH.


We will have to come back again to Greystones to try the recommended restaurant "Vinos"........... 
Any excuse for a good time back at Greystones, Ireland eh!





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