treasure hunt prize

Despite the rain and wind, boats braved the elements to participate in the 'Treasure Hunt.' Some boats joint forces as the weather was not very inviting.
Connor, from Casuma said "We found the first Lat/Long and were so soaked we came back. "
Supertramp were determined to gain as many points as possible and with the help of the crew from 'Jangle', Angela and David, Brian and Mary swooped the first prize.
The Treasure Hunt was extended to two days due to the weather and "Rospico"and "Last Orders" were brave enough to go out in the lumpy sea gusting 30 knots on the Sunday. Their joint effort was admired and deserved the 'bubbly' second place.
A couple of entries were presented as an iPad attempt to cover the requested criteria without going out in their boats, but there was no chance that the wool could be pulled over the adjudicators eyes, all in good fun eh!
Next time we hope for better weather as there was such keenness for this kind of activity. 
The support for the participants was 'SUPER' and had a lovely evening together in the Sailing Club.




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