Cruising  2015 Aberystwyth Trip.

Our first Irish Cruise had to be cancelled due to a forecast of gusts of 44 knots over the weekend,
on the Irish side, only for that forecast to change dramatically daily, and as it turned out we might
have been able to go but 'bettersafe than sorry eh! '
Aquaplane had managed to set off a few days earlier and had a great Cruise.
As we didn't want cruisers to be disappointed, we organised an alternative cruise to Aberystwyth
going off on Tuesday June the 9th, great to join boat owners that had not been involved before in
cruising in company.

The beauty of going to Aberystwyth was that we could 'nip' home,so to speak,if the weather changed. 
It was a neap tide and all boat owners were advised to contact the marina directly to discuss their
berthing needs,depth etc. Mike welcomed us as always and allocated suitable berths for us all.
Aberystwyth town is still trying to rebuild the damage after the storms, new sea defences etc.
We were the first group of boats visiting Aberystwyth Marina this season as the weather had been
too bad.
An addition to our choice of eateries at Aberystwyth is a new Fresh Fish Restaurant overlooking the
harbour and also Cardigan Bay.
We all met for a drink at The Pier Restaurant, which has idyllic views, and enjoyed a chat and a drink.
The Tapas Bar was visited by a couple and of course Weatherspoons. On the outside deck of the Pier
there was quite a discussion of what land we could see in the distance only for us to be corrected by
the Restaurant Manager saying that we were looking at Ireland which was 200 miles away. How any
of us kept a straight face God only knows, but it brought the discussion to a holt.
On Wednesday- De Linde went on to Aberdyfi, cruising members met friends and joined in a social
chat on the boats in the evening.
A windy return on Thursday for three of the boats but Roxy Music were continuing on their Summer
Cruise towards Cornwall and of course you've got to mention their crew member 'Snoopy the dog'
who patrols the boat in fine style. They managed to visit Milford Haven,Swansea,Bidesford and dined
in style at Rick Steins' Restaurant Padstow. 
This was certainly a 'Shake down' cruise for us all.