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Cruising in company for


Cruisers are responsible for their own navigation and safety. 

Information included in this web site is for guidence only

pwllhelilogoloresflagDisclaimer of Liability:

You are reminded that the decision on whether to take part in any cruise, or any event, and the responsibility for the safety of the boat and its crew is that of the individual skipper. Neither CHPSC, nor the organisers can be held responsible.

Participants are entirely responsible for their own safety, whether afloat or ashore, and nothing reduces this responsibility.

It is for the participants to decide whether their boat is fit to sail in the conditions in which it will find itself. By taking part in an event, participants confirm the boat is fit for those conditions and they are competent to sail and participate in them.

Nothing done by the organisers can reduce the responsibility of the owners and/or participants, nor will it make the organizers responsible for any loss, damage, death or personal injury, however it may have occurred, as a result of the boat taking part in the event. The organisers encompass everyone helping to run the event. The presence of organisers, their assistants and helpers does not relieve owners and participants of their own responsibilities.

You are reminded to always comply with the safety requirements commensurate with the sea area in which you intend to cruise.

You are strongly advised to study the coastguard site at and to take note of the recommendations of the MCA publication SOLAS V. The full SOLAS V text is available on the MCA website at 

Do not assume that because you are in company with other vessels you are safer. In adverse weather it is "every man for himself" to a large extent. Other yachts may not be able to assist you. Adverse weather has the unpleasant habit of arriving once you are at sea.

Help the coastguard help you by completing the form CG66 (safety identification scheme) Send the completed form to the coastguard or fill it in on line at 

As appropriate inform the coastguard of your passage plan and crew details.

Club Insurance - Conditions of Policy

PLEASE NOTE. It is a condition of the club's insurance policy that the Club should make it clear to their members participating in any event that it is each skippers own responsibility to check suitability of weather reports and passage making before setting off.


Cruising Trophies

o The Gimblet Rock Trophy is awarded annually to a member for something significant within the cruising environment. The Passage Cup is awarded in recognition of a significant passage.

o The Gimblet Rock Trophy was awarded to Bohdan Borzykowski in recognition of his numerous outings and his trip from the east coast of Scotland in his new boat.

o The Passage Cup has not been presented yet for 2010. The cruising committee have agreed to whom it will be awarded but it will not be publicised until the presentation is made.
o Fun prizes were awarded to several members at our end of season meeting.


Fun prizes were awarded to several members at our end of season meeting.


There must be many cruises by club members that we never hear about. Please share your experiences and plans with the group