APRIL 18th 2014

meeting 1


What a "SUPER DUPER"weekend, glorious sunshine and wonderful company.

Great to see such vibrancy in the Marina where socialising and sailing was prominent. 
Bohdan welcomed all to the Cruising Social Friday evening and we're thankful to the helpers serving drinks etc. At the meeting we had a short breakdown of last years Cruising both on the water and land based. Our Commodore Stephen Tudor joined in this Social gathering, thanks for your continuous support Stephen. Cruisers were invited to put forward their suggestions for 2014. It was evident that communication via our website, (Pwllheli Sailing Club and logging on to the Cruising Section) also our group e:mailing fromMae'r cyfeiriad e-bost hwn wedi'i warchod rhag robotiaid sbam. Rhaid i chi alluogi JavaScript i'w weld.. added to our success in 2013 especially for the 'Ad Hoc' Cruises. 



Cruising - Spring Boat to Boat 2014


The Boat to Boat Social on Saturday was,yet again, a "GREAT SUCCESS"-57 involved. Meeting new people and enjoying a drink and a chat. 
We appreciate the Host Boats voluntarily coming forward otherwise this Social would not have happened. The smiling faces in the pictures is evident of a 'Good Time' had by all.

boat to boat



Due to gusts of 26knots forecasted for Sunday, it was decided that it would not be wise to anchor at Abersoch, so everyone making their own arrangements.However, it was great that some boats had the opportunity to get out when the wind dropped.
An alternative of a Sunday Lunch gathering at Pwllheli Golf Club was most enjoyable.



Aberystwyth Cruise 27th 28th and 29th of May, 2014

Five Sailing boats started from Pwllheli motoring their way towards East Passage, as there was no wind. However, once through the passage the wind picked up and we all had a very pleasant sail. Motorboat 'Fidget' could be seen steaming ahead of us on the horizon having already been fishing on the Causeway. So one can guess who arrived at our destination first.

Once at Aberystwyth we partied together on 'Fidget' and later made our way to Weatherspoons. Due to the huge queue, we were starving but had pleasant company, a good chat and a late night!

On the next day, although everyone did their 'own thing', we still had 'boat to boat' hospitality. 
It was great to see the two 'Merry Fishers' arriving at Aberystwyth, having travelled from Cardigan Bay. Most of Pwllheli visitors ended the evening dining at 'Casablanca,' a Morrocan Restaurant.

The return journey was kicked off with 'Fidget' informing us that they had already arrived at Pwllheli by 8.45a.m. One or two of the sailors were at that time having breakfast in town, with no great hurry. 

An exceptionally calm and relaxing sail started the return journey for the sailing boats but we thought initially that we could have done with a little more wind, and even a dream of NO rain for a change. The wind did materialise though to 22 knots on the nose, Alton Towers here we come, troughs and spray. 'Bobby horsing' our way to Pwllheli, where we were welcomed back as usual by friends and cruising companions. 

A good time and a great 'shakedown' for the eight boats participating in this Cruise, this hopefully kicking off our Cruising for 2014.

aberystwth may


Representatives of six boats arrived at Greystones, Ireland on a 'mirror' sea on Friday the 13th of June. "Aquaplane" - the organisers, "Blue Jay Sailing Yacht, " Sea Otter/ Tilia," "Straight Flush" and "Last Orders" were on their way to Ireland. Two of which enjoyed their first crossing, in their own boats, across the Irish Sea, "Aquaplane" and "Last Orders" what an excilerating achievement
Select link to view Video of Aquaplane arriving at Greystones.

Nan and Paul 'Fidget' arriving as foot passengers on Sunday to join the merry crowd. Great to see that they had made such an effort to join us, although on this occasion, they could not bring 'Fidget'. (Seven boat owners now joined in the party).

On Monday, in sailed 'French Maid' to Greystones, crossing on their own and this time going to investigate Ireland by car and occasionally coming back to Greystones to "French Maid". 

"Bonchellis" was the chosen restaurant that evening for us all which left a whole in our pockets. bonchelisJPG

An extra delight the following morning was to see Motor Yacht 'Blue Jay', having done their first crossing last year, now bringing another motor boat along with them 'De Ja Vu' ,arriving on Monday christened by wet spray but the glorious sunshine and welcoming smiles awaiting them. Fine dining at "The Hungry Monk" blew the cobwebs away , although still feeling 'rocking and rolling' after the journey, nothing that a couple of glasses of wine couldn't sort out! 

paul greystones

Paul Langford cleaned Blue Jays,sailing boat's prop and speedo, we know this is Paul's excuse to be in the water. 

A few 'boat to boat' get togethers took place, as usual, before one or two of the group disbanded on their various journeys.

last orders greystonesJPG

On Tuesday three sailing boats went to Malahide but one boat was crewed by Motor Boat owners, Nan and Paul. Paul complaining that the mast was going to give hime 'tan stripes'!!!! Obviously missing his Fly Deck. Meandering along the bouyed chanel and basking in the sunshine was just amazing. The icing on the cake was a very experienced member of staff at Malahide Marina guiding us all safely into our berths.

Select link to view Aquaplane arriving in Malahide

On Wednesday night, we had been invited to Malahide Sailing Club for a members 'leaving do'. Ruth joined the festivities by singing a few songs with the harp and then a jamming session with the SC musicians commenced. Jo, Aquaplane was leading the sing song and Bohdan pre planning the next song. I bet Malahide Sailing Club didn't know what had hit them. 
As always they spoiled us with food, food and MORE food.
A fantastic welcome for us all. After a very late party a 6a.m. start back to Greystones did not feel very appealing, but had to be done. Except Aquaplane, whom stayed to heal their hangover and their priority of the day was a pint at Gibneys and a Curry Night out.


malahide partyJPG

malahide the gang

Unfortunately, we were not all at Greystones to welcome 'Supertramp' but sure that a few smiling Pwllheli Cruisers were there to make them feel 'at home' so to speak. It was great that they managed to stay a few more nights so we could catch up with them on our return journey from Malahide.

Whilst Motor Yacht "Blue Jay" was making her way back,meeting fog on their journey , it's hardly any wonder that they didn't see Jake coming the other way. It was A MAJOR achievement for Jake and family on the Motor Yacht "Mako" to accomplish their first crossing over the Irish Sea, in dense fog, in a new boat with a young family, in fact with a few weeks old baby boy Kaelan and of course Olivia. Good for you. Olivia already having training by her Dad to drive the inflatable, her enjoyment was evident with a beaming smile across her face. And oh! How we all wished we had a paddling pool on our boat to cool off out of the 29degree heat. 

jake greystones

"Last Orders" after spending time at Malahide crossed directly to Holyhead and then home to Pwllheli. A new venture for Chris and Charles. Many 'firsts' ' so to speak' on this cruise for them, CONGRATULATIONS. They had not accomplished this kind of passage before.

Our Pwllheli visitors investigated many eateries, of which are many, in Greystones. You never know, by next year we might have a 'Pwllheli Cruising Places to Eat Guide' at Greystones, Howth and Malahide.

mike Mike from "Straight Flush" having an "Early Bird" breakfast.

The sailing yachts and motor boaters all joined together on Friday night in "The Beach" Public House as five sailing boats were going back to Pwllheli the following day, pretty envious that "Mako," "Raw Deal"and "De Ja Vu" were going to stay for a further few days. P


Great to see 'Cruisers' taking advantage of the 'Dart' commuter train all over the East Coast visiting Dublin, Bray, Howth, etc "Let's go for lunch to Howth by Dart" sounds unreal but achievable . Some extending their hols by hiring a car to explore further inland. Others exploring picturesque walks in the area. Sharing restaurant experiences ensured we surely did dine well and definitely 'put on the pounds' so to speak. 
Greystones proved to be a safe entrance marina, an excellent place for food and commuting and extremely welcoming and helpful staff.

On the return journey, for the sailing yachts, we had a ladies hour on the radio, on Channel 8, - NO men allowed. This gave confidence to individuals that do not often use the radio sharing navigational positions etc. This proved to be very successful.

The three remaining Motor Yachts arrived safely in harbour on Tuesday having had plenty of 'chilling out' at Greystones and 'spending sprees' in Dublin. Undoubtedly, a return journey will be on the cards.

This trip certainly had a 'Wow' factor and many crossing the Irish Sea for the first time and the talk is 'When are we going back again'. We have been approached by many others at Pwllheli Marina saying "We're coming next time." All the merrier. An increase of 55% of boats on last years cruise already.

We were blessed by glorious sunshine and great socialising right through the week with our cruising friends from Pwllheli.

Sorry This has been CANCELLED.




porthmadog 2014

porthdinllaen 2014



On Saturday it looked pretty doubtful that Sunday's BBQ was going to take place as the rain persisted. Even Sunday morning the question was "Is it 'ON'?" However, we were welcomed with glorious sunshine, a flat sea and as usual 'GREAT' company on a beautiful beach.
The Master Chefs were all out there. 'Sausages and sand' has become a signatory dish. Mind you the extra "Cheers" might have contributed somewhat.
                                                              This certainly was a BBQ with a difference!
I wonder why half the crew on 'Tina Maria' decided to use luxurious Fidget Water Taxi on their return journey? Every picture tells a story Alan!

 Let's hope that we have more fine weather this season for a repeat adventure at Quarry(Warren) beach.



AD HOC IRELAND CRUISE 2. -  JULY 25th. 2014.


We took advantage of the high pressure and on Friday the 25th of July and a second cruise was in the making. Crossing the Irish Sea in glorious sunshine with not enough breeze to sail. The Motor Yachts, 'De Ja Vu', 'Namsag' and 'Mako', made it in just 3 hours and were basking in the sun and celebrating by the time 'Sea Otter'got in, although she also crossed in record time. A warm welcome was had by the already 'chilling' motor cruisers.
'Morlander' with Delyth and Martin joined the Pwllheli Cruisers on Saturday from Wicklow and were relaxing after their trip.
'De Ja Vu' were hosting on the  and we learnt the Rebecca (Namsag) was distraught as she hadn't brought Strawberry Jam for her toast!  Now known as 'The Strawberry Queen.' Pat, however, is now known as ' The Lady of the Night' as she won't allow her guests to leave until the morning after her enlarged 'G and T's' and Bicardi, thank goodness we were all berthed together and only had a short walk back to our own boats. A very entertaining evening was had by all.
Jake over the weekend had been giving Olivia, who is 18 months, tuition in their Jet engined rib and oh! how she loves it, but Jake is now worried that Olivia is quick on the uptake and has found the purpose of 'the throttle' and what it can do. 
The  yachts that planned to join us from Pwllheli did not manage to make it on the Sunday. Next time maybe!
irish bonnet
                                                       SUNDAY LUNCH
                  Martin, Rebecca, Delyth and Peter. "Guess where we are? Could it be Ireland?



All of us went to the 'Beach' Pub for a mouth watering  and we were joined by Margaret and Paul from Malahide Yacht Club, who organised the party for us all at Malahide on our last visit. Great social event. Rebecca was presented with a memento of the trip? Which  consisted of small packets of Strawberry Jam and a token gesture to ensure that she does not start her next Cruise WITHOUT her "Strawberry Jam" !
Olivia loved the flowers that Margaret brought from her garden and would not let go until the food arrived.
The Chippy and Cafe, where breakfast is served, know all of us on first name terms and Cookie and Coco, from De Ja Vu, have come to expect a sausage each on Pat and Peter's return.
As Sea Otter was leaving on Wednesday to get back for the IRC Cruising Treasure Hunt, all our friends joined for another 'meal out' at The Burnaby which again proved to be a GREAT SOCIAL LUNCH.


We will have to come back again to Greystones to try the recommended restaurant "Vinos"........... 
Any excuse for a good time back at Greystones, Ireland eh!




treasure hunt prize

Despite the rain and wind, boats braved the elements to participate in the 'Treasure Hunt.' Some boats joint forces as the weather was not very inviting.
Connor, from Casuma said "We found the first Lat/Long and were so soaked we came back. "
Supertramp were determined to gain as many points as possible and with the help of the crew from 'Jangle', Angela and David, Brian and Mary swooped the first prize.
The Treasure Hunt was extended to two days due to the weather and "Rospico"and "Last Orders" were brave enough to go out in the lumpy sea gusting 30 knots on the Sunday. Their joint effort was admired and deserved the 'bubbly' second place.
A couple of entries were presented as an iPad attempt to cover the requested criteria without going out in their boats, but there was no chance that the wool could be pulled over the adjudicators eyes, all in good fun eh!
Next time we hope for better weather as there was such keenness for this kind of activity. 
The support for the participants was 'SUPER' and had a lovely evening together in the Sailing Club.




Visit One. 


Abersoch has always been an attraction for motor boats and sailing boats. A sail or motor across the bay and then relaxing overlooking fantastic scenery with a couple of beverages to quench the thirst. 
Already many outings have been 'AD HOC' - "It is a nice day, the launch is running, Abersoch here we come." 
Select Blue title to see >  Aquaplane filming the Dolphins
 Visit Two.



Here's a video of Carl  helming for the first time on 'Sea Otter'and Beth's first sailing experience. The smiles express their enjoyment.


Select Blue title to see. >  Carl at the helm of Sea Otter



Visit Three

Phil and Sylvia cruising to Abersoch. Their first time on a sailing boat, 'Sea Otter'. Also their first visit,by sea, to Abersoch.

A real "WOW" factor and also......... "We'll come again." 

abersoch threeJPG


No doubt there will be other opportunities during the season to enjoy this outstanding location with great company from

Pwllheli Cruising. 





(Jake and Cathy's children from the boat "Mako")


The 24th of August was a joyous day when the Christening of Olivia and Kaelan took place at a beautiful St. Mary's Church at Tregarth. Olivia was thoroughly enjoying showing off her gorgeous long Christening dress down the isle which brought a smile to all that gathered there. 


Following the Service family and friends walked up the lane to Jake and Cathys family home, the rain had timed it well to try and give us a soaking but this didn't dampen the laughter and spirit of the day. Cathy and her dad had prepared a fantastic spread of food and drink. 


Everyone relaxed inside and outside, now in sunshine. 
The celebration lasted the whole day and the taxi and mini bus soon arrived to take Pwllheli friends back to the marina.
Olivia and Kaelan have been our youngest Cruisers and a delight to have among us.
                                                                     "Many Congratulations" to the whole family.




A strange dolphin Experience




Ireland does not have a great many bottle nosed dolphins (the type we see in Tremadog bay) you will however see many Atlantic Common dolphins, the type you will see off South Wales. There is a well known pod in the Shannon estuary and of course there is “Fungi” off Dingle otherwise I know of very few. 

This made the account I am about to relate even stranger. We had left Lawrence Cove on a damp and misty morning bound for Kinsale, normal conditions for this year in the south west of Ireland. A few hours later after passing the Mizen and approaching Cape Clear Island the visibility really closed in. The approach to the Gascanane Sound between the above and Sherkin island is not easy in good conditions as approaching from the west you have to keep north of the Bullig reef and then decide which is the correct channel to take through the sound. Less than a couple of hundred meters vis with a strong tide underneath us was leading to a small amount of nervous pilotage.

Suddenly on our starboard side a very large bottle nosed dolphin appeared, I could tell he was fairly old as his dorsal fin was well scared. He stayed on our starboard side for a period of time making certain we did not alter course in that direction. Minutes later, about the time I was reckoning to turn for the sound, with a great splash and a blowing of air, he appeared to port almost pushing us in that direction, it was at this time I could make out the correct passage through the sound and so altered in that direction. 

The dolphin then swam away and did not reappear. We certainly in many years on this coast had not seen this dolphin before, and you can interpret this in whichever way you wish I know what I saw and felt !!!

Richard Smith








Circumnavigating Anglesey is not an easy task as there are real navigation issues to consider but at the same time awesome scenery and quaint harbours to visit and of course two Marinas to take refuge. Plenty of challenges and in the right conditions this cruise can give you great satisfaction.

anglesey 1

July 18 -21 Last Orders ( Beneteau 311) undertook a circumnavigation of Anglesey! Set off in miserable weather from Pwllheli , which improved after rounding Cilan Head.Spent a lovely evening in Porth Dinllaen, walked over the golf course, and had a nice meal overlooking the sunlit bay! Saturday -rain , but no wind, so motored up to Holyhead.Sunday it was misty, so motored carefully north,round Carmel Head then turning east .Finally , near Puffin Island, the sun came out and we anchored in lovely sunshine in the Pool at Beaumaris. Celebrated in the Bistro at the Bull! Up  , to put into action what we learnt at the Swellies "Masterclass" last August.
The Straits were mirror calm , with no wind , and we followed all the marks and transits satisfactorily. Then on past Plas Newydd and Caernarvon castle, and safely over the Bar ! We then returned to Pwllheli, pleased to have achieved our challenge. Chris and Charles.


anglesey two

Maybe next season we will follow in "Last Orders"'s footsteps and accomplish this circumnavigation around Anglesey.




"On Tuesday 1st July 1600 hrs, Sandpiper and a beautiful 60 yr old wooden contraption named Sea Minx set off for Dun Laoghaire in Ireland. The intention was to anchor off Bardsey if possible and then set off 0600 hrs Wed. Morning. En route I realised it was not possible to enter the Irish Sea without a time consuming push against adverse tides in and around B.sound so we  continued on towards the beautiful anchorage in Porth Dinllaen, arriving just in time to see the landlord of the Ty Coch switch the lights off! Our departure at 0600 saw a light but favourable S.W wind that quickly became the forecasted f.5 S.W. The sun shone all day and 25 mls. Off our destination, Dublin C.G. Sent out a small ships warning of strong winds for coastal areas of force7. We sailed into this, having reefed down appropriately but typical of the Irish Sea, were met with a short, choppy sea accompanied with the usual occasional rogue wave, one of which tried to throw Sandpiper off course. The autopilot was having none of it and paid for its tenacity with a broken tiller-pin! No autopilot! Well, never mind, worse things happen at sea Erm? I think!"


"We stayed in Dun Laoghaire  for 3 nights, visiting Dublin on the train and getting very silly in one of Dublins famous live music establishments where I apparently collapsed in a big heap, trying to do press ups with a German lady sat on my shoulders!! That's according to Ed who sailed with me and Phil off Sea Minx,the latter out doing the locals with his amazing Irish jig! Dark horse! Ed, being older and hence wiser just sat there with a permanent grin on his face! It only took us ten and a half hrs to sail there but 13 coming back due to lighter winds. Irish hospitality as always was excellent, almost as good as the Guiness! Regards,Paul and Ed, Sandpiper and Phil off Sea Minx"




ABERERCH BEACH CRUISING BBQ, 23rd of August, 2014.

The Cruising alternative BBQ on Abererch beach was a great social event for all ages. 34 attended in total. Great to see so many able to make it after having to change arrangements last minute to go to Abererch Beach rather than 'Quarry Beach by boat.'
Setting up camp and putting up the various windbreakers provided the first lot of entertainment from Man Caves to super fast  modern inventions. Some more successful than others!!!!!


Sand pits were created for some BBQ's as well as a wheelbarrow being used as a wind breaker for a few more BBQ's.
Plenty of eating, chatting and relaxing in the sunshine. Jo and Carl did not manage to catch fish or build their sand castle as Carl was too busy on the 'Swing Ball' which they kindly provided.
'Last Orders' sailed round and looked like an Antarctic Adventure bringing all their goods ashore in the dingy, with Steve and Liz from Melbourne Australia joining our 'Merry Crowd'.  Paul carried our provisions by wheelbarrow, (with Bohdan supervising of course), saved many a journey.
The 'Swing Ball' and 'Rounders' went down well with all ages and some became VERY competitive. There will be plenty of aches and pains as a reminder in the following few days!!!! Little Olivia, who is 5 years old, was super keen and got people up for a game with her phrase of the day-"Who's Next?" Jack also took the guys and girls on, a super sports person.
Good fun and entertainment had by all.



Madog Yacht Club By Train. Cruising Social Event.

A tidy group of fifteen went on the 'Train Adventure' to Porthmadog.
Phillip (Lady Redhouse) kindly organised lunch at Jenny's Restaurant. None of us had been before to dine at the private function room and this was not the only surprise. Caren had seen the lemon meringue of her dreams on the way in and couldn't believe her eyes when it appeared in front of her, however Rose was slightly envious when her portion was of a 'lesser proportion' shall we say.
Delightful company, plenty of laughs and having had a good meal we then walked round the corner to Madog Sailing Club and were lucky to commandeer the seating at the veranda overlooking the Marina.
The hours swiftly went by and before we knew it we had to 'leg it' to catch the train back to Pwllheli as there wasn't another train for two hours.
Great company, glorious sunshine,we wined and dined......what else could one ask for?
Look forward to our next 'Train Adventure'.


                        Cruising Boat To Boat Partying The End Of Season.


It was wonderful to see such a turn out in 'not so good weather'. This did not dampen the spirit at all and as usual 'Host Boats' willingly came forward to make this social another memorable event. 
Paul and Bohdan kept us in order with their 'horn blowing' indicating 'time to move to the next boat folks'. It was said "We had a great time and were very pleased to meet new people." That's the beauty of this Social, we all meet new people and make new friends, talk about our Cruising events over the year and maybe plan for next year.
However, some managed to party until the early hours and still managed to make it for Sunday lunch....wowee!
Motor and sailing boaters mingling together to end a great season in"GREAT STYLE".






organised Chaos