The following is a copy of the e-newsletter sent out on 21st February to the Racing Sction of CHPSC:

(See it in its origial format here)

Good Evening/ Noswaith dda


It has been a long winter and I know we are all desperate to go racing again although the wind and rain over the last few weeks have not been conducive to thoughts of sailing. 

We, the admin team, at CHPSC Racing have used the winter months constructively to improve the racing information on the website. 

Hopefully, so that competitors do not get lost on the water or on the web site! 

We are now pleased to report that all information required for your racing in 2021 is now ready and published but we must now wait for relaxation of regulations so that we can go racing again. so for now we must all play our part in combating this virus and please take the time to absorb the information that is now available for you. 

Hwyl - Happy Sailing but keep safe. 


 Stephen Tudor 
Hon. Secretary CHPSC




For 2021 we have changed the format of the 'Race Information Pack'. The information from the pack is now available on all pages of the Racing Section on this website.  

T‍o start, please go to the web site here 

You will notice that the Top Menu has been simplified with all club sections under one heading 'CLUB SECTIONS' 

From this page click on the 'Racing Section' - There is no need to log-in for this information. 

CHPSC - Club Sections

The first thing you will notice is that the Racing Section Pages look different to other sections of the website. This is deliberate so that you know that you are in the 'Racing Section'.

The 'Race Information Pack' has now been replaced with the 'Racing Dash-Board' and this appears on every page of the 'Racing Section' and on a PC it will appear as shown below.

It will be slightly different on a mobile phone or tablet but works equally as well!

Race Dash Board

‍From the 'Race Information Dash-Board' you can access the full library of useful information with charts, list of marks, the list of fixed courses, and the Rules.

Below is a summary of what is available:



New for 2021 is the ' Race Mark Matrix. This provides a course and distance from and to every mark. 

This is available as a printable copy - so get the laminator out!

Race Mark Matrix



This chartlet provides an easy to view location of marks.

Top-tip - the mark numbers run anti-clockwise from the start line!

CHPSC Race Chartlet



This is a schedule providing a list of all of our racing marks - noting the position and description of the mark.

CHPSC - List of Marks



We have developed a series of 68 predefined courses, with options for every wind direction and strength. These are on a windward/leeward basis.

The courses are guaranteed to provide fun, excitement and great competitive racing!

Our Race Officer can also set a variable course - and the rounding marks will be displayed on the bridge and announced on the radio - so have a pen at the ready to list the marks (and the rounding (port or starboard) denoted by the colour of the respective mark board.

There is also a 'Windward/Leeward chartlet listed in the pack - if numbers and conditions allow for a committee boat start.

Top-tip Don' leave the dock without this and have it laminated! 

CHPSC Fixed Courses



We have prepared a course card for all 68 predefined courses. 

Below is an example of Course No.68 which has been set for a SW wind and a course length of 10.1 miles!

Some competitors have printed all courses in a booklet, others just use them as a reference - but this is a valuable tool for our Race Officers!

CHPSC - Racing Course Cards



Now will look at when the racing is scheduled, and how to find the dates, how to enter, and the race specific 'Supplemental Sailing Instructions'.


Racing is set out in the 2021 Race Programme - also available in the Dash-Board.

Alternatively you can obtain the dates from the Activity Calendar or the racing specific calendar here


CHPSC - Race Programme



Entry is easy - on line just follow the link from the Dash-Board and pay as you go.

Top-tip - upgrade your membership to a Skipper Member and no need to pay for each race.

Race entry form is available here



All racing is governed by the 'Racing Rules of Sailing' These are published by 'World Sailing'.

CHPSC also publish General Sailing Instructions every year - these set the general rules to be applied.

For each Race we publish the 'Supplemental Sailing Instructions ' This is the document that sets the start time and other important race specific information.

All of the above are available as easy links form our 'Racing Dash-Board'.

If this all sounds complicated - do not worry we are here to help!

CHPSC - The Rules



You will be reminded about the up-and-coming racing in the usual club newsletters - follow the links to the SSIs and watch out for notifications on WhatsApp! (have you joined the group?)

When the racing has finished - check out the results on the web site 

Sailwave Results



Club Racing at CHPSC is arranged under the guidelines of the RYA/RYA Cymru Wales and the latest charter is reproduced below. 

RYA Racing Charter




 Pontoon Berths - are available on the Plas Heli Pontoons or Hafan Marina

 Details about the Plas Heli berths available here  or just send a reply to this newsletter!




 Q‍uayside parking and Box trailer Storage are available as part of the CHPSC membership process, just tick the 'extra' required.

 The parking facility is very convenient esspecially if the boat is based on the Plas Heli Pontoons.

 ‍Membership of CHPSC is easy and on-line - just click on the red button.

 Top Tip - Join as a racing skipper to get the benefit of mass booking of racing.





IRC Logos

The IRC Welsh National Championships 2021 is scheduled to take place from Friday August 13th to Sunday August 15th. Despite the current restrictions, work is continuing from home on all of the organisational aspects of the championships, and we remain committed to running the event if at all possible.

Stephen Tudor - Championship Secretary said - “We continue to move forward with plans for the event and remain hopeful that by the time we get to mid-August - still seven months' away - the necessity to socially distance ourselves will have reduced sufficiently so that we can run some great boat racing in Pwllheli, following an ISORA race over from Dún Laoghaire“.

Planned Classes

We will be running both the IRC 1 and 2 class plus the popular NHC cruisers. This year the IRC class will race a mixture of windward/leeward, fixed marks and a short coastal race, which will also be a club coastal race, and attract a big fleet.

 This programme of racing is the new suggested format by the IRC congress and matches the style used for the IRC European and World Championship events

 Should Government restrictions and guidance restrict our activities, we can adapt some our classes and racetrack styles, switching on or off various components with the minimum of lead time, and allowing us significant leeway, like last year and it’s not until mid-July before we need to make any big decisions.

 The safety of participants and volunteers working behind the scenes is foremost in our minds of course, but providing that we can run an event that complies with all guidance in place at the time, then we fully intend to do so. 

Notice of Race (NOR)

 The Notice of Race is published here and online at the championship website and the Sailing Instructions is scheduled to be published by July.

The entry procedure is open for all classes, and camper-van bookings can be made via the Plas Heli website. See Camping booking details here.

Any boat owners requiring accommodation locally, or who have any questions or suggestions relating to the planning of the championships, please reply to this newsletter or contact Mae'r cyfeiriad e-bost hwn wedi'i warchod rhag robotiaid sbam. Rhaid i chi alluogi JavaScript i'w weld. and one of the event team would be delighted to help in anyway.

IRC Welsh Champs NoR


 We have a great social plan arranged, with a hog roast and local live bands on the deck as we come off the water, and this will be tweaked as we get a better idea of how the event will look.

 We all look forward to a great long weekend of racing on Tremadog Bay and to welcoming you all to our sailing club and event centre.

Hwyl - Good Sailing


Mark Thompson

Vice Commodore 
Clwb Hwylio Pwllheli Sailing Club

 More details about the National Championship here

The Notice of Race is now published - please subscribe to receive the Event Notices and messages by following this link


Plas Heli



The 2021 membership form is now available just - follow the red button!

On-Line Membership Form and Payment - Payment and form completing is easy and all on-line. Click the red button to get to the CHPSC web site, choose the correct membership category, add any extras (calendar posting, burgee or dinghy storage, then log in (or create a new account). Then proceed to the payment page - make the payment with your bank card (via our PayPal account) and that's it. Easy!




Racing Update 2021

Please note: All membership matters must be with CHPSC and NOT Plas Heli. Questions by e-mail please to the secretary on Mae'r cyfeiriad e-bost hwn wedi'i warchod rhag robotiaid sbam. Rhaid i chi alluogi JavaScript i'w weld.


Racing Dashboard - Information

DASHBOARD with all the information you need to race in Pwllheli. From the 'Race Information Dashboard' you can access the full library of useful information with charts, list of marks, the list of fixed courses, and the Rules.
This information is available on all Racing pages of the CHPSC website!

Racing Information

Race Programme

The 2021 Race Programme is available in pdf format

Race Prorgramme - Here

Entry Form

If you have not joined as a 'Skipper Member' you can enter the race or series on-line - just follow the link

Enter the Race - Here


The 2021 racing chart is available in pdf format

Windward/Leeward Chartlet -Here

Fixed Courses

All fixed courses for 2021 available in pdf format here - only use the 2021 version!

Fixed Courses - Here

Matrix of Marks

Matrix of Marks

A Matrix giving distance and course from one CPPSC mark to another

Matrix of Marks

A Matrix giving distance and course from one CPPSC mark to another. This is provided to assist competitors

Race Chartlet

Race Chartlet

A Chartlet of the bay showing the position of the Racing marks

Race Chartlet

A Chartlet of the bay showing the position of the Racing marks. A must have item in the cockpit whilst racing!

Course Cards

Course Cards

A library of all CHPSC courses

Course Cards

A library of all CHPSC courses

List Of Marks

List Of Marks

A list of all the CHPSC Racing Marks with co-ordinates and description

List Of Marks

The full list of racing marks and buoys with coordinates - is available in pdf format. Available by following the link

The Rules

Sailing Instructions

The CHPSC Club Racing Sailing Instructions 2021 - available in pdf format


List of 2021 SSIs

List of Supplemental Sailing Instructions 2021


RRS 2021- 2024

PDF copy of the RRS 2021-2024


Racing Rules Of Sailing

The new RRS are published by World Sailing (follow this link for the 2017 to 2020 and also now to 2021-2024 versions


Clwb Hwylio Pwllheli Sailing Club has been organising club racing of the highest quality for many years in the World acclaimed sailing waters of Cardigan Bay.
New item
The Bay provides near perfect sailing conditions with lack of commercial shipping, no strong tidal flows and ‘clean’ prevailing wind from the south west.
New item
The racing arena is all only minutes from the safe harbour, the marina or from the Plas Heli pontoon berths

Pencampwriaeth Genedlaethol Gymreig IRC




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