Parti Nadolig 2018

DSC 0031Morlywydd Eifion Owen yn trosglwyddo i'r Morlywydd newydd, Jane Butterworth

A hundred members and guests gathered at Plas Heli for the Clwb Hwylio Pwllheli Sailing Club’s annual Christmas ball and prize giving, where Commodore Eifion Owen handed over the Club Burgee to incoming Commodore Jane Butterworth, who during her address to members and guests, introduced her Vice Commodore Gerallt Williams, and Rear Commodore Mark Thompson for the next two years. Eifion also announced Hon Secretary Stephen Tudor becomes the clubs President.

Eifion gave a witty speech about his experience as Commodore, and the members gave him a resounding applause for his hard work during the last two years.

Members were treated to a delicious Christmas themed three course meal, with fine wines from the Bar, in the festively decorated Gorwel restaurant.

Between courses, the clubs trophy’s were presented to the worthy recipients, with the Gimblet “cruising achievement” trophy being awarded to Charles and Chris McConnell for their 1300 miles of cruising in a new boat, taking in the Crinan Canal.

The Cowper “passage trophy” was awarded to Mike and Dianne Edwards, for their summer cruise to Scotland including a two handed direct leg to Bangor NI.
DSC 0038Maddie Rouse and Commodore Jane Butterworth

The Tremadog triangle was hotly contested this year, with Maddie and Tim Rouse (Theia) awarded the Sipswn trophy for the fastest NHC lap, just pipping Phil Jackson in SeaMinx, with Mark Southall/Richard Cook (Jezebel) winning the Trimor Trophy for the fastest IRC lap, and also picking up the Ebblake Trophy for their class 2 win in the Global Displays Welsh Coastal Series. 

Stephen Tudor/Andrew Rosewarne/Arfon Jones (Sgrech) were awarded the Parsenn Cup for Race 2 of the Global Displays Welsh Coastal Series, and the Harbet Cup for Race 4 of the same series.

Stephen Williams (Darling XX) was awarded the Deeley Trophy for his fine class 1 win of the Global Displays Welsh Coastal Series.

Andrew Hall’s Jackknife was crowned the Global Displays Welsh Coastal Series Champions, and awarded the Midland Bowl, with the Abererech Bowl, and King Constantine Cup also awarded for race wins in the Castle and Night Race legs of the four race series.

DSC 0076 Sarah Leather (Harley Quinn) was awarded the Centaur trophy for a fine win in the Spring Series

Dave Hughes(Legless Again) was awarded the Carrg Y Defaid trophy for the highest placed CHPSC boat in the Spinlock Welsh IRC Nationals, for his second place in class 2. Dave and Sarah Leather (Harley Quinn) were awarded the Centaur trophy for a fine win in the Spring Series, campaigning their new J80, and the Gwenolfa Cup for the Pursuit race that was held during the Pwllheli Regatta.

DSC 0090Glenn Pritchard (1720 Mayhem) picked up the Desco Cup for the Summer series, and also the dubious honour of being awarded the Pillocks Pot. (Probably best asking Glenn for an explanation of why!)


DSC 0094Pwllheli Challenge Sportsboats winner James and Jonny Collins in the J80 Jailbreak

The Pwllheli Challenge Trophy’s were awarded to the three class winners, after a hard fought Autumn Series that attracted up to 14 boats in some races. The Class 1 Trophy and Overall Series winner was once again Peter Dunlop and Vicky Cox (Mojito) who sailed a very consistent set of races in the J109. Class 2 was won by Wil Partington (Honey Bee) who had a run of 12 bullets during the series. Sportsboats was won by James and Jonny Collins in the J80 Jailbreak, on count back from Dave and Sarah Leather (Harley Quinn). There was some very close racing in the sports boat class, which has grown now to six, and is highly competitive.

The trophy for the Winter series will be presented on New Years Eve.

The Sol Owen Cup was presented to Peter Dunlop and Vicky Cox (Mojito) for the Easter series, and the Livingstone Cup “achievement trophy” for their ISORA overall win for the Wolf’s Head that was presented in Dublin recently. This is the second consecutive year team Mojito has won this prestigious trophy.

DSC 0105Peter, Vicky and some of the Mojito team celebrating an excellent season - overall ISORA Champions

DSC 0110Mojto, Jackknife and Sgrech - Overall ISORA Team Champions for the 5th year in a row

The final trophy presented by Jane, was the ISORA “team trophy”, for the highest placed “club racing team” within ISORA. This was the fifth consecutive year that CHPSC has won this trophy, finishing ahead of the three big Dublin bay clubs with excellent performances by Sgrech Mojito and Jackknife. The standard and consistency of offshore sailing to produce this result is very impressive.

DSC 0162Entertainment was provided by the superb Jac Dobson a’r Band, with fabulous music and members dancing the night away, on a packed dance floor, with the bar open very late

A fun filled evening I know enjoyed by all, and congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to the Heidi and the Plas Heli staff for the hard work during the both the buildup and throughout evening..

Take a look at the gallery of Phpotos taken by Gerallt Williams and Dave James 

Christamas Ball and Prizegiving 2018 Photo Gallery

Take a look at the gallery of Phpotos taken by Gerallt Williams and Dave James :

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