Provisional courses for tomorrow’s “Pwllheli Regatta” - Robin may make a few changes tomorrow, so be sure to listen on CH17 for the exact course, which may not be on the bridge boards, but will be repeated on the vhf

IRC Class - warning signal 10:40 BST

PSC 1 (p)
SCYC North East Mark (p)
PSC 10 (p)
Fairway (p)

Position of NE mark: N52 50 00 W 004 27 00

NHC class - warning signal 10:55 - fixed course 52 in the psc racing pack: undefined

PSC 2 (p)
PSC 9 (p)
PSC 6 (p)
Fairway (p)
0 (p)
PSC 3 (p)
PSC 6 (p)
Fairway (p)

Any questions ask on here or ch17 tomorrow

Beers on the PH terrace after racing - enjoy - and let’s have a great day on the water !

IRC and NHC fun  Regatta Races before the Parade of Boats 

Saturday 25th July 2020

The list of marks is available here

Comms on channel 17  Start time IRC boats: 10:45 NHC Boats 11:00

Parade of boats through the start/finish  line  (west to East) 14:00 - the finish line is between the Dwr Cymru outfall buoy and the concrete building west of Gimlet rock.

On line entry form >here

The Notice of Race is available here



The Supplemental Sailing Instructions are available below (refresh your browser if you cant see it)




events - next month

Pecyn Rasio


This is the information required for racing in Pwllheli