onlinePaymentThe On-Line Membership subscription Rates and Membership Classifications for 2019 (1st Januart to 31st December 2019) are as shown below:-

The 2019 form is available from 1st October 2018 for new members - take adbvantage now by getting membership for 15 months for the price of 12 months!

You can pay at the bar by bank card but the cost is £60 - we still require all of the information. 

The Process -

1. Read and decide on the Category / Categories and calculate the amount to be paid - below
2. Proceed with the On-line Application Form - on the right (it is one form for multiple memberships and dinghy storage)
3. Make payment using our Bank Card Payment Process - Easy! 

Membership Categories - remember the amount is per person! 

DebitCardsAgain this year there is no entry fee

Pay before 31st January to ensure that you receive the bar and other discounts


Now move to the On-Line Membership form

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