It is possible for paid-up members to upgrade from one membership category to another. The process is easy and the options are as follows:

  • From 'Primary Membership' To 'Joint Membership' = £50.00

  • From 'Primary Membership' To 'Racing Skipper Member' = £100.00

  • From 'Joint Membership' To 'Racing Skipper with Partner' = £100.00

  • From 'Life Membership' To 'Racing Skipper Member' = £100.00

  • From 'Racing Skipper Member' To 'Racing Skipper with Partner' = £50.00 

The process is as follows:

  •  Log in using your user-name and password
  •  Go to the 'My Membership Details' page here
  •  Click on the membership category 
  •  You will now see membership option

Tha's it

This page was updated 1st January 2020

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