May Bank Holiday Racing
29th May 2016
Race Report

6 Boats came to the line for a 6.45 mile triangular course, around the west end mark (2), to number 8, and to the new number 10 mark, just off Aberech beach (also known as Sam Buoy thanks to the effort of Sammo Jones who renovated and laid this mark earlier in the year).

A clean start was called by Robin Evans, and all 6 boats enjoyed a beat down towards the first mark, followed by a run to number 8, the decision then was whether to put a spinnaker up for the long leg  to number 10, “To me to you” was the first boat to attempt this, but had some issues!  “Jac y do”  rounded number 8 first, and elected to broad reach down to number 10, under white sails, as the wind was veering..

The whole fleet was making good progress, with fast  boat speeds in the smooth water and  glorious views of Snowdonia. For those able to look up! Sighting number 10 was tricky, blending into the beach! A tight beat towards the finish with “To me to you” taking line honours  and all boats got round in a very close timescale.



Sailwave results available here

Everybody seemed to enjoy  the race, which was the first for some. This has given us the idea to make this particular course, (psc start line, 2,8,10, psc finish line)  clockwise or anticlockwise , a challenge to see who can make the fastest time, under NHC handicap, with a trophy to be awarded.  Email your  lap time and boat make/name to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will apply the NHC handicap and put you on the leaderboard, both online and at the club.

Today (30Th May) J80 Jac y do completed the triangle in 59 minutes (handicapped) to start the challenge

Provisional results for May Bank Holiday Race after NHC handicap

1st J80 jac y do 61.86mins

2nd Hanse 470 to me to you 63.18 mins

3rd ethygene 24 scallywag 63.8 mins

4th mariholm 24 merisika 65.2 mins

5th first 31.7 hullabaloo 67.67 mins

6th Hanse 385 Prada 68 mins

Sailwave results available here


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