Pwllheli sailors are enjoying plenty of success and adventure offshore this Summer with Mojito acheiving 2nd in a tough 270 mile race from Dun Laoghaire to Dingle then race over to the Dun Laoghaire Regatta in an unofficial race after the Lyver Trophy is postponed. Mojito, Aquaplane and Jackknife all competed in the Dun Laoghaire regatta along with another local boat Luvly Jubbly, who were very successful with a 1st place in their class.

Dun Laoghaire to Dingle Race

Mojito before the D2D startVicky and Peter at the FastnetIn a race that was reported to have one storm, one rescue helicopter callout, two RNLI lifeboat callouts, and plenty of seasickness, only 17 out of 42 yachts finished the race from Dun Laoghaire to Dingle. Mojito and Sgrech entered from Pwllheli Sailing Club.


However, Sgrech were forced to retire, leaving Mojito to carry the CHPSC banner. With an upwind beat at the star, down from Dun Laoghaire to Tuskar light house, the wind also veered as boats turned the corner, creating what became a 200mile beat to the Fastnet.


Mojito knew that as soon as the leading boat, Rockabill the faster JPK 10.80, rounded the corner at the Fastnet, they would have the reaching conditions that the JPK loves, so tried their hardest to keep the them in sight. As a result, both boats broke away from the main pack behind.


However, as Rockabill rounded the corner, Mojito arrived at the Fastnet to find those wind holes that they are so famous for finding. Rockabill pulled away and Mojito were unable to regain that ground and had to settle for 2nd place on the water and in the overall results.


Mojito right up close to FastnetSun setting at Skellig MichaelMojito crew at the finish of the D2D


Lyver Trophy

Four Pwllheli boats were due to participate in the Lyver trophy feeder race to Dun Laoghaire Regatta (Aquaplane, Jackknife, Mojito and Sgrech) but due to exceptional weather forecast on the two days prior to the race, affecting deliveries to Holyhead, the organising committee of the Lyver Race decided to postpone the race until Friday 21st July.

However, as this was a feeder race with many boats already moved into position earlier in the week, a large proportion of the fleet still needed to sail over to Ireland for the regatta. Therefore it was decided that an unofficial race would be held anyway and those boats choosing to sail over on the Friday night and Saturday wagered a bottle of red wine each to be distributed proportionally to the top three boats on the other side.
AJ wanderlust, who still needed Fastnet qualifying miles, set off around the Isle of Man Friday morning in 37kts, before nosing the start line at Holyhead at 9pm and heading straight over to Dun Laoghaire overnight giving them line honours in the unofficial race. 9 other boats planned to sail over on the Saturday morning and after enjoying the hospitality of Holyhead Sailing club, a start time of 0800-0830 was agreed with two other boats starting later in the day.
The fleet were welcomed by champagne sailing conditions in the Irish sea until Dublin bay where the usual wind holes were followed by gusty sea breezes closer in to Dun Laoghaire. Mojito won overall followed by Kerageous and then Jackknife. Everyone agreed that it was a super day’s sail and after crews joined together for dinner at the Forty Foot, wine was shared by the winning crews at the National Yacht club and a great night was had too, demonstrating the true camaraderie and spirit of ISORA.


Volvo Dun Laoaghire Regatta

Vicly and Peter at the FastnetAquaplane, Jackknife and Mojito competed in the Volvo Dun Laoghaire regatta in the Offshore fleet. However, with little but sea breezes inshore and transition zones forming further out of Dublin Bay, the offshore fleet all found it difficult to get around the course. Jackknife suffered the most out of the Pwllheli boats and had to settle for 22nd overall, beaten with a sterling performance by Aquaplane who came 20th overall out of the 32 boats with Mojito managing 4th overall in IRC. In Echo Aquaplane and Jackknife both beat Mojito.



Next Up

This weekend - Pwllheli Regatta

Next up is the Pwllheli Regatta this weekend – starting with parade of boats at 1200 followed by a short race at 1300 to ensure we all get in for 1430 for the on shore Jazz entertainment at 1500 till 1700, leaving enough time to get suioted and booted for the Summer ball at 1900. 

For those up for more fun on Sunday, three more short roujnd the cans races are planned to start at 1145.

Why not join us on the water this weekend for fun and photo shoot for next years calendar.

Back offshore in July

On the 21st July, Aquaplane, Jackknife, Mojito and Sgrech compete in the rescheduled Lyver trophy.

Mojito will then be heading down to the Solent in preparation for their Fastnet Race.







IRC Welsh National Championship




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