This grievance procedure is intended to provide a mechanism for members to air any issues relating to their membership so that any problems can be resolved quickly and fairly. It is not possible to provide for all the circumstances in which grievances may arise. This grievance procedure is therefore is intended to act as a framework. It may be varied where we deem this reasonably necessary.

The grievance procedure can be used by a member or volunteer to address any problems or concerns.

In the first instance, you are encouraged to attempt to resolve any problems or concerns you may have informally by discussing the matter with a Flag Officer. Where such informal discussions have failed to resolve the matter satisfactorily or you prefer not to discuss the matter informally, you should make a formal complaint without delay by using the grievance procedure set out below.

The Procedure

You should put your grievance and the basis for it in writing in as much detail as possible, including the outcome you seek, and send it to the Hon Secretary. You will then be invited to attend a formal meeting to discuss the grievance and will have the right to be accompanied.

The meeting will take place once we have had a reasonable opportunity to consider its response to your grievance and if necessary investigate the matter. You must take all reasonable steps to attend the meeting.

After the meeting we will respond to the grievance and notify you of your right to appeal if you are not satisfied with the decision.

You must inform the Hon Secretary in writing if you want to appeal the outcome of the grievance within five working days of our decision. Your letter of appeal should set out the grounds upon which the appeal is made.

If you appeal you will be invited to attend a further formal meeting and must take all reasonable steps to attend that meeting.

After the appeal meeting we will consider the appeal and may make further enquiries if it considers it necessary. We will then inform you of its final decision. There is no further right of appeal after this.

The Right to be Accommpanied 

At any meeting under this grievance procedure you have the right to be accompanied by a fellow member of your choice to act in a supporting capacity but such companion may not answer questions on your behalf.