The CHIPAC Dinghy Compound

To store your dinghy in the CHIPAC Dinghy Compound, which is located to the south of the Main Academy Events Compound, you must be a member of CHPSC and paid the correct storage fee (set out below).

This compound is for beach craft, less than 18 feet in length and can be launched from a trolley on the beach.

All vessels must be registered by filling the on-line form which is part of the 'membership form here.'

The annual fee payable in 2019 (1st January to 31st December) is £75. The facility is only available to members of CHPSC - the membership fee is £50 per person.

When the process is completed you will receive a marker or sticker which should be displayed on the boat. You will also receive a key or compound entry instructions.

This page was updated 27th February 2019